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Sree Gurave Namaha


The sage of Kanchi

The beacon of light

that forever shines

the sage of kanchi

incarnation of divine

He is the mother Kamakshi

The father Dakshinamurthi

Greater than ganges of Kashi

Lord Rama personified in Kalil

Feeding the hungry and poor

He is goddess Annapoorni

Personification of Sri Hari

In kindness and mercy 

Who purifies the heart

of all who come in contact

follow him in word, deed and thought

Even stone turns to gold

Merit gains multifold

The mind of the divine entrapped in this atom

walked over India with momentum

for over 100 years

drawing multitudes who love, respect and admire

for people lost in names and forms

Guru's grace takes them beyond

showing God is now and here

lighting the heart of devotees

who saw him atleast once

will carry on the glory

----Smt. Vidya Sridhar

Apaara karuna sindhum gyanadam shanti roopinam; sree Chandrasekhara gurum pranamaami mudhaanvaham

Vedas say: mata pita guru deivam

God is mentioned after Guru, it is God indeed who is the Guru, or the Guru points us to God hood or He is the boat that carries over the ocean of transmigration to liberation.  He himself constantly in the nature of being and bliss in human flesh readily accessible to ordinary man, just a vision of his holy feet removes karmic tendencies and effects.  Imagine then the state of those who surrender to the Guru. Verily the Guru gives himself to them.  Or even stone turns to gold on contact with the Guru in thought word or deed.

It is sad that Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswati is not bodily present now, but what is the body of one whose form is light? Just lighting a lamp everyday in the house and offering salutations to him will take one to moksha. 

May the Guru ever be present in the heart, or the Guru is the heart as Sri Ramana Maharishi says.  Thanks to the tradition of Tamils that gave such two great Gurus in the same time, one in the Abode of Mother Kamakshi (kancheepuram) and the other in the abode of Lord Siva (Sri Arunachala).  Verily they are the incarnation of the mother and father of creation and they did live and bless and will continute to bless the devotess like the mother and father.  


Sarvam Sivam

Ellam Sivan Seyal

Thannai ari

Let us live by the above great words, following the path of our Gurus who lived them.

--Smt. Vidya Sridhar

Sree Chandrasekhara Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Kanchi

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